Personal service from start to finish.

Superior quality fabrics.

Expert craftsmanship.

We never miss a deadline, and we will work with your budget.

Please call/text 917 364 6675 , or click below, connect with our designer.


Select from our superior collection of Italian fabrics.

The quality of the fabric far exceeded my expectations.
— Mr. Steve Richardson

We are also able to custom design fabric, like we did for this Miami wedding.

Outstanding customer service
— Mr. Mike Johnson

Decide the length and width of the tie. We can make any length, any width.

I had been looking everywhere for a tie that fit me. Stores don’t sell what you make.
— Mr. Bart Fits

We have a special line of fabrics for executives.

Working at Morgan Stanley means I have to follow a pretty strict dress code. You guys provided me with exactly what I needed.
— Mr. Mark Philips
lindman new york custom necktie mix match red.jpg

You can be as creative as you like


We are always able to provide you with a matching pocket square